Working as Interaction Designer for over 20 years has given me a wealth of experience in creating interfaces that allow for intuitive navigation and optimal user engagement. My strong skills in front-end development mean that I understand not only the creative process, but also the technical implementation.

Having worked in a number of large online firms including Expedia as a Lead designer, I have had the opportunity to learn and hone my skills on an international scale. Working across Asia and Europe has given me a broad world view and invaluable insight into what users need and demand across a variety of markets and cultures.

Curriculum Vitae

Interaction Design

I started my career in 1997 as fron-ent developer, with time, my passion evolved into Interaction design, a happy place to be.

My technical background help me, on a daily base, to understand better how to adapt my creativity. I’m glad I had my “geek moment”.

User Experience

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” A great man once said. I totally agree with Steve, I have always been fascinated by a person’s perceptions and responses.

I regularly attend user testing sessions, and I read about UX in my spare time.

Front-end Development

Even if I’m not a code monkey anymore, driven by the curiosity, I like to make my hands dirty and write some code now and then.



date role company location
July 2016 Head Of Product YunoJuno London, United Kingdom
June 2015 Head Of User Experience Betfair London, United Kingdom
Aug 2014 UX Associate Director Digitas LBi London, United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Senior Information Architect [ freelance ] Sapient Nitro London, United Kingdom
Jan 2014 Lead UX Designer [ freelance ] Bitmama Milan, Italy
Mar 2013 Creative / UX Director [ freelance ] MindUnit London, United Kingdom / Dublin, Ireland
Apr 2011 Senior UX / Interaction Designer Expedia London, United Kingdom
Apr 2009 Creative / UX Director Travelfusion London, United Kingdom / Shanghai, China
Jan 2009 Senior Designer [ freelance ] Hotcourses London, United Kingdom
Jul 2008 Head of Web Design & Front-End Development [ freelance ] Global Campus London, United Kingdom
Apr 2008 Senior Designer [ freelance ] Lightmaker Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Apr 2007 Senior Web Designer Frontend Dublin, Ireland
Dec 2001 Founder Partner / Creative Director Bee-side Milan, Italy
Mar 2001 Designer / Web developer [ freelance ] Sapient Milan, Italy
Dec 2000 Designer, Web developer [ freelance ] Razorfish Milan, Italy
Jan 2000 Designer, Web developer Madd Milan, Italy
Jan 1998 Designer, Web developer Web Milan, Italy
Jan 1997 Designer, Web developer ITLine Milan, Italy

Worked For
Axe, Annabella Pavia, Associazione Bancaria Italiana, Antonello Venditti, AFJ, All Computer, Angelived, AIB, Alitalia, Aer Lingus, Astrazeneca
Banca Intesa, Bank of Ireland, Banca Popolare di Bergamo, BTicino, BMG Ricordi, Blondie, Bologna’s Comicexpo, Bridgeco,
Bucailsito, Bestby, Bee-side, Black Cultural Archives
Cork County Council, Crash Test Dummies, Casiraghi & Greco, Consulting, Comunita Montana, Cathay Pacific
D-Link, Drupal, Dalmine Energie, Domus Click, Didatticanord, Dipre, Democrazia Diretta, Divtechmusic,
Ernst&Young, Egea Libri, Eircom, Equipenetwork, Element Six, Expedia, Ebay,
Fantasy Interactive, Ferrari, Fila, Fastweb, Frontend,
Gigi D’alessio, Giorgia, Gemini, Grifo trasporti, Golfgreenlife, Giviprint, Globalcampus,
Hjlynos, Hotcourses,
Invicta, I YO, ITLine,
Lucio Dalla, Lightmaker, Lost Jobs, Logica, London Symphony Orchestra,
Maserati, Merloni, Mondadori, Motor show Bologna, Mapflow, Mostraboccioni, Musicom, Madd, MindUnit,
Prospettivacasa, Pitvision, Pitch,
RAI, Razorfish, RNTickets, RDB, Renault
Skira, Solobancca, Salviotattoo, 6Student,
Thundersystem, Tuttetue, Travelfusion, The Photographers Gallery, Tesco
Unicredit, Universita’ L. Bocconi, Ufficioservice,
WIND, Wawblog, Worldmarketing, Webcity,
Zero edizioni

Curriculum Vitae
If you wish to download a copy of my CV / Resume, you can do so by clicking on the link below.
For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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